Our law office possesses knowledge and experience with regard to the systems of law in various countries. We are concerned with handling inheritance related cases, involving, besides regular legal aid, genealogical research in archives and data-bases, making contacts abroad, providing expert advice.


The estate cases where a person of Estonian origin passes away, leaving an inheritance abroad, are solved, as a rule, according to the laws of that country. Beneficiaries residing in Estonia often need to turn to experts, to settle the case abroad if they are not aware of laws effective in the given state, they lack their own private attorney, and they can not, or may not find it expedient to travel abroad, in order to settle the case.

Our law office can provide clarification as to whether, or for whose benefit the deceased made the will, about the circle of heirs in the respective country, the substance of the estate; whether and what deadlines the beneficiaries will have to observe, what they will have to do to collect the assets etc.

The beneficiaries can, with the help of our office, find competent attorneys in a foreign country. This may especially be the case when there is a conflict of interest or a litigation pending between the parties. We have permanent representatives in many countries, e.g. the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden etc.