Our law office possesses knowledge and experience with regard to the systems of law in various countries. We are concerned with handling inheritance related cases, involving, besides regular legal aid, genealogical research in archives and data-bases, making contacts abroad, providing expert advice.


It happens quite often that a person of Estonian decedent has passed away, however there is no information immediately available about his/her relatives – potential beneficiaries. We are notified about such cases of ‘unclaimed property’ by our correspondents in other countries, foreign genealogists, lawyers, public trustees, administrators, embassies and consular agencies.

In these cases we search for decedent’s next of kin and inform them about the deceased relative and their respective rights.

For such searches, usually various archival studies are necessary. Estonian archives have been fragmented and kept in different archival institutions and storages, therefore research may be quite complicated. At the same time the archives have been preserved intact, hence it is possible to develop extensive family trees to identify next-of-kin over long period of time and provide reliable corroborative evidence.

We have also established contacts with many foreign archives.

This long experience in archival work of our law office makes it possible for us to identify the beneficiaries within days or weeks, as a general rule.